Timeless perfection made in Germany


Our target of creating extraordinary and unique products with performance you can feel is always the first priority for us. Our passion for design and performance is reflected in all facets of our actions. This results in high-quality forged wheels in unique designs, coupled with the latest technology. RFK not only represents luxury of the highest quality class, but also clearly puts functional, performance-oriented, extravagant design for unique performance on the road and the race track at the focus. RFK means luxury, power, passion.


The high performance of our wheels not only requires precise construction by our experienced engineers, but also perfect proceeding accurate to the last millimetre. Forged wheels, two-part or cast wheels: RFK aluminium wheels set standards in production methods and design. This results in aluminium wheels made to the latest technology and an outstanding quality we certify with a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee –RFK stands for uncompromising power that can be felt and superior technology after all.


Extraordinary performance in motor sports and on the road requires highest quality. Precise work, masterful craftsmanship and plenty of experience are needed to create a product of the highest quality class. All of our products go through strict quality controls and are, of course, delivered with a general operating permit. This quality can be seen and felt, which is why we guarantee for it: All of our high-quality aluminium wheels come with a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee. RFK: Guaranteed quality – absolute performance.


Our story – our vision

The story of RFK started with a meeting of specialists from the wheel industry, car enthusiasts, performance pros and active motorsports athletes. They quickly found a shared vision: Creating the best forged wheels in the world, developed and made in Germany. No compromises: The noticeable power, perfect processing and outstanding design must never bend to any budget specifications or other restrictions. Extra-class wheels require the best engineers, best materials and state-of-the-art and highest-quality production technologies. RFK combines all of these in one work with a claim that can be summarised in five simple words: the best wheels in the world.

RFK forged wheels: 100% Made in Germany


Highest quality for highest demands

Reliability and safety come first for us in motor sports as well as on the road. All of our wheels are made of the best materials based on the technical state of the art. On order to meet the highest quality requirements, we have created a brand in RFK that represents uncompromising wheel quality more than any other.
Of course, all our wheels are delivered with a general operating permit (allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis; ABE) and expert report. In addition to the high product quality, excellent service is a matter of course for us as well. Please contact us if you have any questions about application, availability of performance, or any other requests.

You can only win the race when you reach the finishing line.