The RFK Black Series gives you unconventional products at the highest level. Individualism merges with state-of-the-art forging technology – in a production process kept entirely in Germany (Made in Germany). No two wheels are alike. Every production is a unique manual work. Every wheel has its origins in an aluminium block with a diameter of 30 cm and a height of 60 cm. With enormous closing pressure, a twelve-ton press shapes the blank into the desired initial form for the RFK Black Series wheel. Once-forged, the RFK-blank will get its final, unique design from use of state-of-the-art CNC technology.
You will love your forged wheel when you experience the symbiosis between RFK wheels and your vehicle up close.


If you choose RFK Platinum Series, you are facing the best of hard choices:
Our two-part wheels are screwed together from a cast star (design) and an also-cast rim base to become an extraordinary wheel. If you think that this kind of wheel production would have to lead to a much higher weight than a monoblock cast wheel could have, thus reducing performance, you are wrong. As is known, the truth usually is in the middle: The ratio between tested wheel load and the actual wheel weight is decisive here. In our case, weight is no detriment to performance.


The Gold Series designs represent classical monoblock wheels and combine weight-optimised production methods with targeted reduction of the wheel mass, under consideration of the broadest possible area of use.
Purchasers of a Gold Series wheel focus on the possibility of installing without any changes to the car body. Therefore, many ABE-releases or TÜV-entry-capable wheel/tyre combinations can be found here as well.


Specifically lovers of the classical one-coloured wheels will find the Silver Series a dedicated product line to meet this segment as well.
Unobtrusive design, harmonious lines and clear structures form the backbone for this line.
The turning idea comes out in full here as well, with designs mirroring the various “wheel classes”: from Japan style to Rally-like or simply with a timeless elegance.
In particular for drivers who are looking for an attractive alternative wheel in the cold season as well, the designs of the RFK Silver Series offer many options: Many wheels come with “plug and play” – i.e. with the general operation permit (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis; ABE) without entry obligation.